Rebuilders Support Group

Shout out to these early supporters

"Tommy Devito is my QB1 fml"

"5 firsts, so naturally I'm here every day"

"I will name my firstborn MHJ jr."

"Following all 32 NFL beat writers so you don't have to"

Matt @ 32BeatWriters

"Marvin Harrison will be mine!!"

"Trey McBride enjoyer"

"Sex Panthers 2025 champs💪🏼"

"Caleb Williams solves all my problems, right?"

"Drafting Bowers is like drafting Marvin at TE. Brock Party 1.01 have no fear."

"MHJ with the 1.01"

"I <3 rebuilding"

"PLEASE give me MHJ"

"Daddy loves you MHJ. You and your many brothers I'll pick in the 1st <3"

"Screw you Odell and Danky. Ruining my tank."

"I blame Arthur Smith"

"I'm nice at tanking"

"If not 1.01 I'll be happy with either Nabers or Bowers in the top 3 of 1QB"

"Zach Wilson been running the helm all year"

"I drafted Jonathan Taylor at 1.01 and never recovered."

"The island of misfit players"

"To protect your tank, make sure to protect your picks!"

"I'm not trying to be bad, I'm just really bad at this"

"Maye is going to be the next Stroud, right?"

"MHJ can't save me"

"psa: jay and tj are colluding"

"I'll contend in 2026"

"MHJ ❤️"

"Trust the Process"

"If ya ain't first, you're last"

"MHJ or bust!!"

"I have 8 1sts so this class gotta be amazing"


"Of course I mocked all 12 of my teams before I checked in here"

"Love this...Have 15+ leagues, 10 of which I'm rebuilding...Fun way to look at everything."

"Starvin’ for Marvin"


"Rebuilding is a way of life."

"Real nice, half the price"

"We dem boyz with the elite decoys!"

"Anthony Richardson is Qb1"

"LaPorta Truther"

"Always BPA over Positional Needs. ALWAYS"

"I need this class to be the best class in the history of the NFL"

"I gave up on my new startup team week 4. marv time"

"Hogs Hogs Hogs! lets go boys."

"Because all the dumbest smart people are here"

"my league is so ass"

"My TOP RB is Pierce. That’s all you need to know."